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Monday, September 1, 2008

Methods of Research (Assignment 9)

Cyberservice in Philippines

- To have a competitive skilled employee especially in the wold of IT like call center agent, medical tanscriptionists, software developer and an animator.
- To generate a big market sale because of lots of work are opening and use it for the training and seminars.
- To teach or educate the students especially high school in terms of using a computer and use that knowledge in applying computer vocational course that make their study become easy.
- To promote tourism and to increase the investor to invest to our country and partnering for business or building a new infrastructure.
- To help the country become a fast growth and high technology country.

Positive side of VAT

- To help reduce our credit in the world bank by using the small amount of VAT collection.
- To have fund for the infrastructure, street repair, seaport and airport for following provinces.
- To know how mush saving can make for the poor programs.
- To help the Filipino families to reduce the price of the following food products in the day of crisis.
- To get some VAT money for the students who cannot enroll their selves in a university by using the college scholarship programs.

Alternatives Energy Sources

- To know how could really help to reduce the energy consumptions by using the following alternatives energy sources.
- To promote the natural gas and bio fuels for all public transportations like the jeepney.
- To produce an electricity by using the windmills and solar cells for the rural places and make it free.
- To lessen of buying barrels of crude to the other country.
- To become a energy self-sufficiency country.

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mae said...

yah! those are the things that can help our country to be progressive.

hoping that the people must help themselves to pursue what they want and be optimistic in all the things in every work they do.