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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Doodle Future Tech Edition

Doodle again!!! But this time I've created for our subject in Future Technology which all the gadgets are been corresponding to their proposal topic.

* Telephony Technology (April, Chris and Angelo)
* Wearable Computer Technology (Norma, Julie and Riza)
* Clock Technology (Rowena, Ariane and Jade)
* Book Technology (John, Kenneth and Mark)
* Chat Technology (Regina, Glayra and Agnes)
* Waste Disposal Technology (Rendell, Nate, Celeste and Gesie)
* Game Console Technology (Thomas, Harley and Ash)
* Farming Technology (Charmaine, Mia and Clenemae)
* Aircraft Technology (Eric, Richard and Anthony)
* Medical Technology (Macky, Marvin and Jazzle)
* Charger Technology (Sheena, Francis and Raymond)

And in the center of the image I also made the doodle image of our instructor Mr. Randy S. Gamboa which is happy to us (????????).


informaxona said...

asa dpit ang chat dha ker??

Tambay Mode said...

kanang murag og cloud speak na naay bangkil..................