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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Methods of Research (Assignment 2)

Computer Science nowadays become popular for all professional and student researchers in making a studies about in computer, so that they can make or give a new information, computation or application in computer systems. And example of the most famous topic they been research is on the human-computer interaction or the artificial intelligence.

A based of what I read some articles from the Internet many schools or departments in the world are also making some research in computer science and one of them is the School of Caltech. Caltech is a school consists of a small group of students, faculty and staff. And their range of their studies in computer science is very wide, because the students are encouraged to tailor some research to fit their specific needs in making a new studies. This kind of method they do is making their students become a good researcher. Like in first year they emphasizes course work and mastering their students in thesis research. In second year the student must complete or done their master thesis in order to take a candidacy examination. And if the student pass the exam this is the time they will work their research on the doctoral dissertation.

The variety of technical topics

- communication protocols, concurrent computation and networks.
- graphics and human-computer interaction.
- novel computational substrates, quantum mechanical computers and molecular computers.
- high-confidence systems, fault tolerance, program verification and security.
- information theory and learning theory.
- computer vision and large-scale scientific computing.



informaxona said...

it's been usual that research should be part of the requirements in schools...

rendell said...

It is an advantage in every student, if their university curriculum have enough focus on research. I have read the reference to stated and it is truly comparable to what we have in the country.

marco said...

In apparent with your topic, the state of CS research nowadays are dependable with the trend of technologies.