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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Methods of Research (Assignment1)

Computer Radiation

By Danielle Barone

Computer Radiation is not very talked about in a world of computer and not been serious about the bad effects will give to us. That the only thing we know it’s just part of the computer when were using. But the truth is according by the Family Health Site, long-term exposure to radiation can increase to risk of miscarriage, headaches, insomia, anxiety, aging of the skin and skin burn.

Eventhough we could not avoid the bad effects because that’s the computer is, and the only thing to do to decrease the computer radiation is by using radiation filter and place the CPU far away to your body. This simple tips can decrease the risk.



Computer Virus Threats

By J. Walker

Computer Virus today are increasing rapidly and beginning to become destructive not only in your attention but also all the function on a computer. That every day there are new virus are come up with a new style of destruction. That it can be attached to our e-mail, embed to our mp3 song that we download or just appear everytime we surfing through internet. And because of this many people are quickly to panic everytime their computer had a virus.

But this kind of threats is only just simple. The only thing to do, to prevent the virus is just to Install a virus protection programs but you must update it regularly so that your anti-virus can performed overall to scan, heal and delete the infected files.



How Video Games Affect Health

By Damien D

Video games is one of the reason that a child been addicted. And because of this addiction there are positive and negative effect or happen will give to their health in playing video games. Study shows that the positive effect will a child get is his/her mental faculties will improve by functioning his/her both eyes and hands are synchronize because of the game play especially the strategy and puzzle games. And in negative effect the following illness the child get are the balance of time in eating because the thing they do is play and they only eat some modified drinks and junk foods. That is why many children are become obese because of poor in exercise and nutricious foods. But the most dangerous effect a child get in always playing video games is they will be a chance to have a hallucinations or hearth and muscle problems in the future.




Julaysa Halilio said...

as in? pati diay CPU naay radiation? akala ko yung monitor lang...well, thanks for the info.

April said...

I like your topic! It's very interesting, labi na tong Computer Radiation. Tama jud ka, we sometimes ignore the radiation in the computer. As if pirmi ta nag attubang ufg computer without minding the radiation.. lol. delikado man di na noh.. now i know.