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Friday, November 28, 2008

Design Call not Wake Up Call

Everyone can make a good inspring messages and others good in expressing their self with the words that been posting. And this message I've wrote is just for the explanation because the way I express my message in this blog is to make a design or layout. For the title "Design Call" I got this concept from my classmate about the sermon of our teacher, that he stated that sermon is a wake up call to us for being irresponsible students.
So that's why I used instead the Design Call rather than Wake Up Call words because Im not good in composing message. I hope you get my encrypted message in the portrait of mine. And by the way I only used brush and text tool in creating this layout with no layer and eraser was made. 

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Mr. Wilson said...

Wow...Tama jud day ka ker..its better to express your feelings by art(drawings and etc)...word are not meant for you...ug sa akoa pud...gifted jud ta...heheh..in short, Dli ta pang CCA