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I'm Eric Ibasco a.k.a Eker or Ricechuchu, 25 years old. An art lover, chibi addict, gorillaz fanatic and wannabe inline skater.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Anime Smudge Effect

This image that I've made was created in GIMP and I only used
one tool of it and this tool is the smudge tool. Smudge is to combine
the color into another like your using a pastel colors and rub each together
with your finger or clothes. But the truth is I did not how to use the color
pastel in the reality. When I about to create this image I took it three days
to finish this image andhundreds of stroke to apply but I'm happy with theresult.


rejserenity said...

aw.! heheheh nyz man xa.

jamesmalibiran said...

kuyawa jd nimo ker oi.. ^^