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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Technology Reasons

This are the following reasons why we use technology today.
- to become prepared for the future.
- the ability to communicate with others anywhere.
- extended way to view concepts.
- to reduces the workload of the person.

Technology influenced us in the points that our daily works become fast and easy, people
communication become more interactive and last the accuracy.

And for the factors involved in technology change are the creation of the new technology, the continuous improvement and the spreading of technology.


emoteragwapa said...

because technologies.... give us convenience..

April said...

if we were asked why we use technology, why is that we always answer positive comment.

chris jan said...

with respect to miss April, its just that technology affects people in a positive way other than its negative effects, and i know that there are negative effects too...

rejserenity said...

heheh yah.. that ryt.. technology seems to be benificial if its is for the common good... as of now people tend to develop creative and productive technology.. good to know then